Created in 1985, Lobster Films is a team whose goal is to restore films and share their discovery and their passion for cinema - from the early days until today. A unique cinematheque, a rare films catalogue (from Georges Méliès to the RKO collection, from Jacques Prévert to Nelly Kaplan), a restoration laboratory, a recording studio, a producer, a DVD editor and organizer of concert films... At Lobster, we encourage all participations in the sharing and the recognition of the unknown wonders of cinema.

In 1998, Lobster Films was also the first company to restore sound in films, an activity now developed in our department L.E. DIAPASON. Settled since 2017 in a new location, in the heart of the 11th Arrondissement in Paris, and "enjoying" a renewed and complete technical platform and the most advanced technologies in the service of classic films and audiovisual production. We invite you to come discover our unusual, young, happy and poetic universe, centered on humankind. Restoring old films is a wonderful and exciting challenge. But we should first think about... restoring the spectator!




Eric Lange having just joined Lobster, the two companions decided in 1992, to launch a unique form of concert film revolving around a main word: wonder. Always pleasant, built around anecdotes describing restoration as a discovery and an adventure, each show is unique, and is lived like an adventure and a trip into the forgotten history of cinema. Lost films, miraculously found, restored in extremis and saved from the claws of oblivion...

Discover, learn, have fun and laugh. With Serge Bromberg playing the piano and storytelling, Retour de Flamme is a unique exploration experience of classic cinema, guided by this quirky Indiana Jones of lost films, who earned Lobster international recognition and numerous awards as prestigious as the show is sincere and simple. You will not believe your eyes...


  • Le coffret Laurel OU Hardy : Avant le duo (avec la Library of Congress)
  • Deux films de Jean-Devaivre : La Ferme des sept péchés et La Dame d'onze heures
  • The Lawless Woman de Richard Thorpe et Le Banni de Howard Hughes et Howard Hawks
  • Le coffret New York dans l'oeil de la caméra (de 1900 à 1975)
  • Le coffret Trésors du cinéma Yiddish - Volume II
  • Le coffret Vsevolod Poudovkine, 3 classiques soviétiques
  • La Chevauchée fantastique de John Ford
  • L'Argent de Marcel L'Herbier


  • near 50,000 rare movies
  • more than 210,000 reels
  • 30 years of existence
  • a César and numerous international awards



Steamboat Films, an independant film production company and Lobster Films's sister firm, was born in November 2006. It combines all film production tasks and is directed by Serge Bromberg and Marianne Lère.

A rich collabration was born, and led to the Collection Design coproduced with the Centre Pompidou for Arte, a documentary about Le Voyage Extraordinaire and also the transmedia series H-Man with Arthur H. Steamboat Films continues its development and carries out all its production projects: documentaries, magazines and TV fictions.

Its goal is to initiate creative and ambitious projects for the European and international market.



Created in 2002, the studio L.E. Diapason is the fruit of a partnership between the Laboratoires Éclairs and the Lobster Films company, a forerrunner in digital sound restoration since 1990.

Since 2002, the studio has been restoring around one hundred feature-films a year and has developed a philosophy of respect for the original work. We consider recording, sound editing and mixing integral parts of a movie therefore they should be restored in their entirety and without distorting the aesthetics of the movie. To us, the basis of a successful restoration is allowing the contemporary spectator to live the same cinematic experience as the spectators present at the time of the film's premiere. Therefore it is not about remixing, adding or removing anything, but only about erasing the marks of time.


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