210.000 reels from the collection embrace 80 years of cinema (from 1895 to the 1970's), over 5000 hours digitized in HD or in 2K, from the best existing film elements. The images of the Lobster Films collection are available in an exceptional quality and in digital form, and indexed frame by frame for the vast majority of them. We now digitize our catalogue on our 2k scanner, sometimes per your request, and our offer grows day by day!

In addition to the Lobster Films collection, as rigorous as it is eclectic, we also distribute sequences of exceptional amateur films, archives of the NARA funds at an adapted price, and distribute numerous international funds. Among other things, we have also acquired exclusive production rights, in clips, of the fabulous RKO Collection, sequences of prestigious films fom the Hollywood Golden Age are also at your disposal.

Our team of documentalists puts its expertise and knowledge of image funds at your disposal to personally manage your demands. Our expertise: research and thematic selection (also in our funds currently being filed or not yet digitized), the set-up of custom screenings, historical legal advice as well as technical, and rights negotiation.

Lobster Films is a member of the P.I.A.F. association (professionnels de l’Image et des Archives de Francophonie): The documentalists and researchers are our main interlocutors. You can ask our database below or entrust us with your search, toll-free. We are at your disposal if you have any questions: do not hesitate to contact us!





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