Since 2002, Lobster Films has been involved in the editing of cinema classics for DVD and Blu-ray. Comedies, dramas, slapsticks, experimental films... there is something for everyone. Today, hundreds of films are available in their restored version. Lobster Films also contributes in the coediting of great classics with its partners and friends from ARTE, the Éditions Montparnasse, MK2, Tamasa and many others.

Our catalog is available at our online shop where you will find our entire collection, but also imported films we have edited abroad.

Méliès, Chaplin, the best Retour de Flamme movies, A Trip to the Moon in colour, L'Enfer by Henri-Georges Clouzot, Les Premiers pas du cinéma, Bowers, Chase, Keaton, great classics of silent and sound films... You haven't seen anything yet!



2018 will be full of surprises with a very diverse program: in the American collection, Frank Sinatra and Bette Davis will impress you in Suddenly and Of Human Bondage resepectively, along with another film to discover: The Crime of Dr. Crespi, an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's short sotry "The Premature Burial". You can also discover our latest French films: L'Argen, Marcel L'Herbier's second masterpiece, here in its new fully restored version. And if you liked La Fiancée du Pirate by Nelly Kaplan, you will love her four other films coming out at the beginning of this year. In 2018 we will also pay tribut to female film pioneers in our new box-set around women directors, and to the famous cartoonist Ub Iwerks in an edition gathering the latest restoration of his work, carried ou in the United States. And to top it all off, a tribute to Georges Méliès, the father of cinema, with the collection of his colored tales as you have never seen them before! There will be something for everyone!


COMING IN 2020...

  • Un coffret Laurel OU Hardy
  • Trois films de Guy Gilles restaurés
  • Des films indépendants américains datant de 1934 remis au goût du jour
  • Love Affair de Leo McCarey dans une nouvelle version restaurée
  • Le retour de Buster Keaton restauré en 4K
  • ... and many more surprises!


The Retour de Flamme collection takes its name because of an audacious bet: that of preserving and saving unknown films, destined to fall into oblivion. Divided into two identities, blue (French feature films) and orange (silent feature films), it goes with a film catalog ranging from light comedies to dramas, adventure films and cloak-and-dagger films. A delicious trip in time for the whole family!



For over 15 years, Lobster Films and its partners have been commited to film restoration and to the editing of great movie classics in their completely restored versions. Man with a Movie Camera in 2014, L'Inhumaine by Marcel L'Herbier in 2015, The General in 2016, The King of Kings by Cecil B. DeMille in 2017... All these films have undergone a real renaissance thanks to the latest digital technologies. With music settings by great composers like Robert Israel and Joe Hisaishi, they were then edited into prestigious boxsets and completed with numerous bonuses explaining the course of their restoration.



Throughout the construction of the Lobster Films catalog we have acquired the rights to hundreds of images and photographs often accompanying the release of the films. These exceptional documents are an invitation to travel, from the privacy of the studios to the splendour of the film sets. Discover some of these unique images in our postcards collection, which includes restored photographs from Charlie Chaplin to Buster Keaton, King Kong and Romy Schneider!