The specificity of Lobster, making it a single source for film restoration, is the combination of three advantages :

Our extensive knowledge of the former cinema, puts us in an ideal position in the stage - often overlooked, yet crucial - expert film and finding the best information available in the world (in public and private collections, as we did in the fall of 2000 for the restoration of the Lost World), and we can also know how far to go not to betray the integrity of the work.

The use of best available technologies: Lobster was a pioneer in sound processing in 1990 (L'Atalante, Children of Paradise). In 1992, we set up a digital environment that today includes tools among the most powerful on the market, and methods developed in-house and tailored to the specific problems of the soundtracks.
A qualitative approach to work and craft in the best sense of the term, our philosophy is to take the time needed to recover the original quality treasures of cinema and television. And because technical equipment will never replace a good ear, our engineers are engaged in a real artistic work, sometimes spending hours "deploper" few seconds of signal.

The result, the "custom" is to meet the demands of our customers. Among those who trust us: the French Cinematheque Gaumont, Eclair, Pathé, Canal +, Arte Editions Montparnasse.

In 10 years, Lobster has restored hundreds of films including many classics: The Jazz Singer (speaking debut film), The Crime of Monsieur Lange, Under the Roofs of Paris, the Countess Barefeet, Top Hat The Seven Samurai, and recently all the films of Jean Vigo (including a new restaurant L'Atalante taking into account technological progress), and 6 masterpieces of Kurosawa



Open since November 1, this new department Lobster is located within the same laboratory Eclair. You can find the engineers that you have known at Lobster, the quality of their services and our usual rates. Guests have optimal equipment.

On site we have two auditoriums :

- Governance A fully equipped for multi-channel mixing (Protools HD Procontrol MC 6000 decoder / encoder Dolby) and interconnected with our room speak.

- The board B is dedicated to restoring sound, preparation mixing and setting conformation DVDs

All TUNE team is at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 01 49 40 55 00 or by email : or by mail to : DIAPASON, 8-12 Avenue Delattre de Tassigny 93800 Epinay sur Seine.