Let's go back to 1969. One evening, when Serge Bromberg is 8, his father comes home with a Super-8 projector and a Chaplin film, A Night in the Show. This marks the beginning of a crazy passion for old movies, which he is fortunately not cured of.

In 1985, following his passion but without any precise idea in mind, he creates his company, Lobster, taking accomplice Eric Lange with him on a quest for the Holy Grail. Their latest discovery, a treausure in cupboard (it was found in a piece of antique furniture) , is historic: 98 films made prior to 1905, and among them 17 films by Georges Méliès thought to be lost !
Serge Bromberg
Today, thanks to their research and preservation work, as well as the purchase of important French and American catalogs, the Lobster collection represents some 20,000 rare, unknown, and amazing films, as well as classic films in black and white or colour.

Very quickly, Lobster had to develop skills in the preservation field to restore the works in its collection. In 1989 Gaumont asked Lobster to restore the soundtrack of Jean Vigo's masterpiece, L'Atalante. In 1990 the sound restoration of Les Enfants du Paradis followed, supervised by director Marcel Carné himself.

Since these our expertise has regularly been used by private companies and film libraries to bring cinema treasures back to life, thus making Lobster a major player in the film restoration field.
In 1994 French culture channel, Arte, asked Lobster to do a weekly program on slapstick. This opened the way to the production of other TV programs, allowing Lobster to broaden its scope beyond archive films. Following this breakthrough, Lobster produced "Cartoon Factory", two silent serials (A flight around the World and A Woman in Grey), Never Have Kids and Thema evening about the Marx Brothers or gag films followed, also for Arte.

But since 1995 Lobster has mainly produced Cellulo, a 26' program broadcast daily on French Education Channel La Cinquieme, in which Serge Bromberg himself presents animated films covering all genres and periods.
Lobster is also an important producer of magazines and documentaries for television, and of features film since 2008. The production activity has also diversified since 2006 and Lobster produces with his sister company Steamboat Films the Serie Design of 26 'dedicated to large objects of the century, currently broadcast on Arte and co-produced with the Pompidou center. The following have already been produced : The Concorde, The Bookworm, The Algol TV, Fiat 500 by Danielle Schirman, The Sacco by Helen Guétary, The Walkman by Anna-Celia Kendall and The paimio by Sébastien Jaudeau.

Among our other recent productions, "CRT GEORGES - Georges Marchais," "LA 2CV - Self-portrait" "On board the Normandy."

Finally, our first feature film is scheduled for June 2009. Directed by Serge Bromberg and Ruxandra Medrea, "THE MYSTERY CLOUZOT" is about Romy Schneider and Serge Reggiani, it was filmed by Henri-Georges Clouzot in 1964 for the film "Hell."